Undertoad,  FS  detail 150   2015 gouache & collage, 60 x 40 inches .jpg


JULIE SPEED: Excerpts from the Undertoad

  August 4 – September 30, 2017


 806 762-8606  511 Ave. K Lubbock, TX 79401

Hammerhead 2015 gouache & collage, 29.50 x 41.50 inches jpg  200 mb .jpg


Representational art is most often understood as a straightforward pitch/catch action.  The artist has an idea. She paints a picture of the idea. The viewer looks at the work and receives the idea.

With my work it’s mostly the other around:  the composition drives the narrative, not vice-versa.  Like anyone else I read, listen to the news and things happen to me ….so of course all that gets woven in, but the main thing I’m thinking about while I’m working is how to solve what I experience as a visual math puzzle.  My ideas, thoughts, theories and stories are in there….. but it’s how the shapes, lines, weights and colors get arranged and balanced that drives me.  Also, if something strikes me a as funny I almost always leave it in even when I probably shouldn’t.

That means that there’s no right or wrong way to see these paintings. I don’t want the viewer to receive a pre-chewed narrative from me.  If I’ve made a good piece of art then it ought to be loudly asking, “When you look at this painting, what does it make you think of?” 

If your answer happens to lead you to writing a poem, song, story or making your own picture in response, then I’d love to read it, hear it or see it and would appreciate it if you’d send it along to me at juliespeed@gmail.com.


(If it’s a song and you send a video file please use wetransfer instead of google docs.  Or mail me a jump drive : PO Box 1526, Marfa Texas 79843. Thanks )


click image below to view 44 second trailer for UNDERTOAD 

click image above to view 44 second trailer for UNDERTOAD